Getting into a specialized trade is easier than you think. There are several opportunities available for apprenticeships. An apprenticeship is the perfect opportunity to learn a craft in both a classroom setting and on the job.

A Little History First

Apprenticeships were first started as a way for young protégés to be trained by master craftsmen. Experts would keep their eyes out for young people to train in their craft and eventually hand over the business to their apprentice. The apprentice would, in turn, become the expert and continue the tradition of handing down their trade to a new generation. In some instances, young men would go to a different town or country to learn a trade and bring it back to their hometown.

In both cases, these young men would be under the tutelage of the master craftsman for years. After a time the apprentice would earn the right to be considered a craftsman and to go the trade alone.

Passion First, Training Second

A person wanting to enter into an apprenticeship must demonstrate a degree of natural talent. Trades are a way to use your hands, mind, and strengths. Going into a trade isn’t just another job, it is a strong career choice. The training is intensive and long, but you will gain skills to give you a deep pride in your work. This is only one thing which sets a trade apart from other careers.

What to Expect

As an apprentice, you will work under the guidance of a master craftsman for several years. Each apprenticeship program varies in skills and time commitments, just as any career training does. Your chosen apprenticeship plan will give you on-the-job experience and classroom training. You will receive an outline of your program which includes all of the needed information, including what your wages will be as you train.

Your apprenticeship will help you gain the needed skills to make your chosen trade a career. A skilled craftsperson will be with you every step of the way to teach, guide, and mentor you. When complete, you will graduate into a journey level of skill. You will be fully skilled and knowledgeable in your trade and be ready to work on your own.

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