Can I start working right away?

The construction industry is thriving in North Eastern MN. There are expected to be 10,000 new jobs added to the industry over the next decade. Through the Apprenticeship Program, you can begin training in your chosen trade under the guidance of a master craftsman and start working immediately.

How much can I make?

Working in the trades provides substantially higher wages in the region. The average construction wage is $55,896. Our Resources Page has more information on Union Apprenticeship Programs, Education, and Employment Information to help you get started today!

Which Trade is right for me?

Finding the right trade for you can be difficult with the number of options there are. From Boilermakers and Cement Masons to Painters and Roofers, there are plenty to choose from. Head over to the Trades Page to find out more information and discover the trade you’re passionate about!