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218Trades and the Apprenticeship Summit 2019 Back in June, I was invited to be on a planning team for the 2019 Apprenticeship Summit which was to be held in Duluth on November 15th. The 218trades part of the summit was headed up by NEMOJT's Heath Boe, one of the point people for 218trades and a believer in how a renewed focus on the opportunities in the trades can impact lives in "the 218." Anyway... Working in conjunction with Elena Foshay from Duluth Workforce Development, Rick Martagon and Jeremy Parker from the State of Minnesota, along with many others, [...]

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Checking Out Your Potential Future - It's Why You're Here, Right?? Well o'well...The time has finally come...The job you have isn't "doing it" for you. The Twin Cities is not all that appealing? The truck you want is out of your price range and you will never be able to afford it if you keep doing what you are doing? It is time to look into your next career. The opportunities you are looking for are here - back home. #workhereplayherestayhere The 218trades website was designed with YOU in mind. There are ideas, links, questions, locations, and trade [...]

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Here are some resources for you to look through for each trade. There are links to local unions, training programs, and other reading material to learn more about your chosen trade. Boilermakers Bricklayers Carpenters Cement Masons Electrical Elevator Constructors Insulators Iron Workers Laborers Operating Engineers Painters Plumbers/Pipefitters Roofers Sheet Metal Teamsters Boilermakers Local Apprenticeship Website Boilermakers National Joint Apprenticeship Program The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Boilermakers Local 647 9459 NW Highway 10 Ramsey, MN 55303 Phone: [...]

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You may be a high school student looking to gain experience, a single mom looking for fulfilment while you provide for your family, or a seasoned professional looking for a new job pace which uses skills you’re passionate about. Working as a skilled craftsperson is a growing field and available to women and men of any education level. Here you will find a brief description of each trade. Boilermakers Bricklayers Carpentry Cement Masons Electrical Elevator Constructors Insulators Iron Workers Laborers Operating Engineers Painters Plumbers / Pipefitters/ Steamfitters/HVAC Roofers Sheet Metal Teamsters   Boilermakers Click here for [...]

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What Employers Have to Say

The trades have Good pay, even at a starting wage. Advancements are there if you take it seriously and want to improve your career. The demand is strong.
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We have requests for 2 to 3 times the work that we can perform. If I had qualified job foremen and quality workers available, we could build many more homes and projects than we do.
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There is a great satisfaction in building, and completing quality projects for people. The work has great variety, and the learning experiences are invaluable.
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