How To Demystify The Apprenticeship Process

Ah, the mystery of applying for an apprenticeship with the trades. The application process is the question I receive the most from people who are interested.

  1. How do I apply?
  2. What is an ‘Intent to Hire’ letter?

It can be frustrating when you make a decision to ‘chance a dream’ and then be stymied by a process which is different than what a person might anticipate. A person’s anxiety can fire up and frankly cause them not to apply – which is a shame and could be easily avoided. So we have a video (linked below) from the Local 49 – Operating Engineers – aimed at demystifying the new hire process. Take a look and get involved!

David Cook


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About the Author:

David Cook, MBA, is a Career Counselor with the Northeast Minnesota Office of Job Training and the project lead for the 218 Trades initiative. From 2009 to 2018 Dave was the Director of Career Services with Duluth Business University. Overall, Dave has over 20 years working with unemployed, underemployed, and youth of Northeastern Minnesota. Dave is a familiar voice in Northland radio, co hosting “The Northland Sports Page” every Saturday morning.