How To Be Purposeful About Your Future

Many people “fall” into a career with the trades. It is what their dad did or what their mom’s family did for a living and they were just expected to fall in line. Some people walked onto a job site and said they wanted a job… Sometimes things just work out.

However, there are a lot of people who are in school, just out of school, or who have not found the right career as life has gone on and are considering the trades as a career option – those are “my people!” These are the people that aren’t just ‘falling’ into the job but have to purposefully research and find their opportunity.

What is meant by being ‘purposeful’ regarding your future?

I have a buddy who had the same dead-end job she’d had for years; she knew she wanted something else, but figured one day “I’ll just do something different.” Just floating along day after day, year after year… That is NOT being purposeful. One day she finally said, “I can’t do this any longer.” As soon as she started doing things to make sure she NEVER had to go back to the old job, she became purposeful. A person finds resources, talks to people they trust, and finds the information they need – then they go get it. They are being purposeful. is the perfect spot for those who are taking control of their situation and finding the information they need to make a change. So yeah, is a website – but it is also a tool and a decision ready to be made.

If you are here because you are being purposeful in your research and ready to make that career decision – welcome, you are with your people!