A Project, Plan, or Idea, is an Opportunity

They say that people do not look up enough – we stare at our feet and at the ground to make sure we do not tripSometimes we look up and take a chance, an opportunity to be amazed

It has been stupid hot and humid here for three weeks and the heat finally broke, so I took advantage and went for a walkAs I was walking there were some interesting things in Downtown Duluth – License plates from 11 states, masks of all colors and styles, sun glinting off chrome, the cool breeze of the big lake… and the sounds of constructionEssentia is ever taking shape and the roads downtown are close to being completed to traffic the facade. On the Iron Range, the ground has been broken for the Rock Ridge School in Midway, you can see the foundation of the Miners complex coming along, and the work on 169 just west of Ely is getting ready for tourists! 

Think about it; what percentage of these projects are being worked on by Journey people and apprentices who are from Duluth, or the Range, or the Shore, or the Falls???  It still amazes me how we can take a project, a plan, or an idea and turn it into a building, a road, a school – an opportunity. Today it was clear that we do that well up here in the 218. 

“The sun, –the bright sun, that brings back, not light alone, but new life, and hope…
~ Charles Dickens